Timmerfabriek Schiedam
JHK Architecten
Schiedam, the Netherlands
Completion time
2014 - on going

Engineering firm GustoMSC in Schiedam, the Netherlands, will be moving to the nearby Timmerfabriek, the former joinery works. This industrial building dates back to 1948. The building has a floor area of around 9,500 m2 and originally comprised three floors. Large enough, in other words, to meet all accommodation needs, both now and in the future.

The design
Together with ABT, the design needs were formulated. Three architects gave their vision of the accommodation requirements. JHK Architecten from Utrecht was granted the order and has realised the new accommodation for GustoMSC in a magnificent way.
It has become a variation of open and closed offices and meeting rooms and a central gathering area. All rooms are positioned around the Atrium. This way, the Atrium is given the attention it deserves.

Present situation
A robust concrete skeleton with concrete floors around a large Atrium together form the backbone of the building. The façades have been provided with glass openings with a height of several metres. The characteristic diamond-shaped pattern provides a pleasant incursion of light.
The roof comprises segmented concrete elements with a grid of small openings through which a light-friendly curved roof has been constructed.   

Future situation
The Atrium will be provided with a new, constructive mezzanine floor, suitable for meetings and gatherings. Underneath this mezzanine floor, a new parking garage is built, which is ideal in a location where parking spaces are scarce.   
Spacious staircases connect the floors to each other from the Atrium. To preserve the character of the building, constructively clever solutions have been designed. 
The entire building has been taken to the next level where energy is concerned: all installations have been replaced by new ones. By using an integrated Revit model, all disciplines have been combined in a single, virtual model. The result is truly amazing. This outstanding building is currently nearing completion. 


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