New Logic IITilburg
New Logic II
Project scope
45,000 m2 GFA
Completion time
2013 - 2014

New Logic II on the ‘Vossenberg West II’ industrial estate in Tilburg is an impressive distribution centre. With a BREEAM-design score of more than 91 per cent, New Logic II has been able to gain an ‘outstanding’ sustainability certificate. Habeon architectural practice supplied the design under commission from Dok Vast. Heembouw contractors was responsible for construction.

Fit for the future
The distribution centre is equipped for one up to four end users, as the site can be divided up into four separate halls. The halls are completely self-contained, with their own systems among other things. This flexibility is crucially important to ensure that the building is fit for the future.

Brief construction period
Partly as a result of the lean method, it was possible to achieve New Logic II in a brief construction period. Construction began on 27 February 2014, and delivery followed in October 2014. Many of the parties involved had worked together during construction of New Logic I. These innovative companies understand each other well, making sticking to the planning easier.

ABT's role
ABT was responsible for the foundation method of joint-free, super-smooth commercial floors of a total surface of 45,000 m2. A foundation on steel rather than a foundation on piles was used for this floor. This is not unusual in this region, but in order to restrict settling due to layers liable to subsidence, a layer of granulated rubble was used under the commercial flooring, something that promotes outstanding use of waste flows. In addition, the concrete floor was constructed thinly, and in this way the amount of concrete used, and especially cement was cut to a minimum. Modelling the floor was done entirely in a BIM model.

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