112 Alarm Control RoomAmsterdam
112 Alarm Control Room
ABT bv / De Twee Snoeken
ABT bv / De Twee Snoeken
Project scope
950 m² GFA
Completion time
2011 - 2012

ABT supervised the design and construction of the new 112 Alarm Control Room for the Amsterdam Police. The 112 Alarm Control Room is the nerve centre for the police, fire service and ambulance service. The control room consists of notification screens and technical and ancillary rooms. The control room is in operation 24 hours per day: failure is unacceptable. For that reason all the systems are duplicated. There is always a second equivalent system that can take over the role of a failing system. For example this applies to the energy supply and the cooling. The emergency generator and supplementary UPS systems ensure a constant supply of electricity.

Acoustics and lighting
The acoustics and lighting are extremely important in the incident room. A lot of people are carrying on conversations at the same time and also staffing the screens. The right acoustic measures and specially developed, dimmable lighting optimise the working environment for the staff. The air conditioning system has been designed in such a way that contaminated air cannot enter the control room.

Technology integration
The 112 Control Room houses a great deal of technology, which of course has to be integrated when setting up the site. Each notification screen is connected with the aid of 20 communications cables of various kinds to systems in adjacent rooms. These cable bundles are enclosed in an efficient and invisible way. The layout is exceptionally flexible: adjusting and relocating the notification screens is always possible. 

Flawless changeover
The new 112 Control Room has been installed on the two uppermost floors of the building, which remained in use during construction. Completion and acceptance took place shortly before the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander. Extensive tests were conducted to check that the systems continued to operate properly under all circumstances. That turned out to be the case; the royal succession went flawlessly - in the incident room as well.

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