General Management

Urbanisation, mobility, resource scarcity and global warming. The engineer of the future is working on concrete solutions for major social issues. And, as the manager of the processes, takes direct responsibility for them. That future is approaching us, also due to the corona crisis, faster than we can imagine.

How to deal with the new role of the engineer? Together, all ABT professionals are shaping their professional future. In an engineering firm that focuses entirely on the social challenges of today and tomorrow and the changing demands of the client. The organisation has been adapted for this in recent years. The aim is to always be able to mobilise the necessary knowledge for a project quickly and on a customised basis. Keyword: simplicity.

Customer value

The pyramid model has been replaced by a flat structure. ABT does not have a general director and traditional departments, but consists of steering groups, project groups and knowledge groups. Professionals can be part of multiple groups. Mutual exchange of knowledge and experience is ensured. This cross-fertilisation provides more customer value.

Our projects must be supported and stimulated by a decisive and stimulating organisation. A new management team has taken up this challenge as of 1 January 2020: Sander Dorleijn, Justin de Jong, Rudi Roijakkers and André Speksnijder. These 'cooperating foremen' are the ABT face to the outside world and formally form the statutory management. 

Afbeelding: Sander Dorleijn_pasfoto3

Sander Dorleijn was after his studies Constructive Design and Business Administration looking for an inspiring and challenging organisation to start his career. In 2007 he joined ABT and since then he has fulfilled several roles within the organisation. Stimulating (integral) cooperation was central to this, both within the organisation and in large projects such as the New Amsterdam Court House and Terminal Schiphol. Since January 2020, Sander has been chairman of the Market & Future Steering Committee and member of the management team.

Afbeelding: Justin de Jong_pasfoto

Justin de Jong experienced during his studies HR Management, as a trainer and as advisor to works councils, that involvement of employees in (strategic) policy development can be of great value. Through employment at Randstad Nederland, Syncera environmental consultancy (the current Stantec) and Stichting Nusantara Zorg, Justin joined ABT on 1 January 2019 as strategic HR advisor. Since January 2020, he has been chairman of the Internal Organisation Steering Committee and member of the management team.

Afbeelding: Rudi Roijakkers_portretfoto

Rudi Roijakkers started his career in 1996 as a structural engineer at the Corsmit engineering firm. In 1999 he joined ABT, where he first worked in the Delft office and later as head of the office and senior advisor in the Belgian office in Antwerp. In 2014, Rudi switched his field of work to seismic advice in Groningen. He worked closely with the Wassenaar engineering firm, which is now also part of Oosterhoff Group (as abtWassenaar). Since January 2020 Rudi is also chairman of the Steering Committee Technology, Innovation, Knowledge and Quality and member of the management team. 

Afbeelding: André Speksnijder_pasfoto2

André Speksnijder started his career at a contractor in work preparation / execution. The first project he was involved in was an ABT project; his curiosity for the engineering firm was piqued. In 1997 he made the switch to ABT, where he was able to further develop his strong affinity with the implementation of construction projects. André left ABT for a construction company and returned in 2012 as senior construction consultant. He is also chairman of the Project Platform Steering Committee and has been member of the management team since January 2020.

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