Quality assurance

ABT represents quality. Not only for the quality of our own work, but also for the quality of building structures. Here the focus lies on the construction phase, where quality is traditionally assured by supervision. Our supervision is proactive, guiding beforehand with risk sessions and work schedules, and checking afterwards: ‘has construction been done in accordance with the contract?’ 
Apart from traditional supervision, we also carry out specialist quality inspections in the area of geotechnics, structures, building science, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The inspections are done randomly, with the frequency determined on the basis of a risk analysis. This links up to system-oriented contract management, as is currently used in Design & Construct projects.

Building to demand
Quality means that what is built is what is demanded by the client or user. That the quality required is actually achieved is demonstrated by quality assurance or supervision. That the structure complies with the requirements set out in the contract or programme of requirements. The contract between the client and contractor is key, with the technical specifications included in the requirement specifications or the specifications. An inspection or supervision plan is drawn up on the basis of a risk analysis and the specifications or requirement specifications. Failure costs are restricted by timely adjustment. What is essential here is that this is not limited to subsequent checking. Risk analyses and a process-driven approach are a standard component of this.

Aiming for quality affects the internal organisation of the executing parties. It is important to devote attention to this at an early stage. We preferably motivate on the basis of technical arguments, by means of which we work on increasing awareness at the worksite. This is many times more effective than subsequent checking on the basis of a contract, which will in any case always remain necessary.

Quality is custom work
Quality assurance comes down to the same thing for all projects in general, but it is nevertheless always different. We provide made-to-measure work, out of conviction that sound process along with good communication leads to a good product. In this we provide guidance from a technical angle of approach. As a result of the many specialisms within ABT, we are able to join up design and execution. We design on the basis of doability and make use of our broad integrated knowledge in ensuring/monitoring quality. 

ABT broadly offers the following services:

  • Supervision, as part of a construction management team on traditional contracts. The supervisor monitors the quality in execution and supports management in monitoring variations, change orders and scheduling. 
  • Specialist quality inspections. The quality inspector inspects the critical components on the basis of a risk analysis, or goes to the site at regular intervals for a quality inspection. As support for the supervision or directly for the contractor.
  • External quality assurance as part of system-oriented contract management. Here the inspections are based on the verification and acceptance plan, directly linked to the requirement specifications.
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