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Management and contract management

Have you received what you paid for? This is the essence of management and contract management. Both with management of traditional projects and with contract management of integrated contracts (UAV-gc), it is important that the agreements between client and contractor are observed. In this our trademark is guiding the process on the basis of process and technology. On the basis of our technical background, we can see the opportunities and make use of them. On the basis of our broad experience of complex projects, we can see the risks and manage them.

Generating optimal user benefit for the client is the priority. This starts with vision and ambition, which are translated into achievable and workable solutions. While these are being worked out in design and implementation, the project frameworks must be supervised. Experience shows that every project is different, partly as a result of the rise of new types of contract. Using a permanent basis, we set up processes in a project-specific way, with targeted working as a core value. On the basis of our technical knowledge, we are able to provide proactive guidance to the process. Management and contract management are concerned with complying with the contract, and also with the result achieved, preferably without major risk to the client.

Risk management and systems engineering
Risk management and systems engineering are increasingly part of contract management. By this means, the various components are worked out in a systematic way and implemented. The quality of the detailing and execution are guaranteed in an integrated way with this system-oriented contract management.

Contract management
Alterations can play a major role in contract management of complex utility projects. Over the period from contract until implementation is achieved, users sometimes have other ideas that should preferably be included in the execution. Careful treatment of amendments and communication with those directly involved prevents cost leakage.

Environmental management
Environmental management and communication are closely interwoven with contract management. The success of a project stands or falls with the involvement of the right stakeholders at the right moment. We work with force field analyses and work out the communications strategy with the client. Joint risk sessions are an effective means for creating involvement. Because, however complex, the success of a project stands or falls with clear communication and sharing knowledge and information.

Contracts and building law
Construction is changing increasingly rapidly. Where previously the client, the contractor and the consultants had clearly separate responsibilities, these have become increasingly intertwined over recent years. Contractors help with design, consultants take on contracts themselves, tasks are spread over several parties with a BIM model. These developments require a suitable contract. ABT helps you in the choice of the correct type of contract and is happy to draw up the contracts for you.

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