Integral project approach

The world around us changes fast and so does the world of construction. Problems become more complex so that more specialisms are required. Maintaining an overview is essential. The weighing and control of risks becomes increasingly important. An integral approach makes it possible to maintain an overview, allowing a better understanding of risks and controllability.

Within the organization of ABT all the necessary knowledge is present to enable the provision of complete consultancy services regarding the design of a building. Because of the fact that ABT has specialists in every area of knowledge, complete technical advice can be given for each phase.

The great advantage of this for you, as client, is that you work with only one party. There are no blind spots, which means that ABT takes over the coordination risks. The fact that you cooperate with only one party results in clear communication. ABT always appoints a design manager for integral projects. The design manager is the linchpin and your contact person during the entire project.

During integral projects one preferably works together on one location. All parties, for instance you, the architect or the contractor, are always welcome to join the team. This way everyone works actively together. The design manager plays an important role in this, by ensuring that as a team one is looking for optimal methods of working in order to achieve goals. This way maximum integration is made possible. Specialists are not working alone on their own specific technical problems, but are looking for integral solutions together with others. The best choices are made if the focus is on the design instead of on a specific area of knowledge. One is encouraged to look further than one’s own discipline, so that interfaces are taken into account. This way any coordination risks are taken away from the client and at a later stage less technical adjustments will be required, which saves costs.

ABT has already been successfully involved in integral projects, providing the complete technical consultancy services. For example for projects such as Earth Simulation Laboratorium, CineMec Nijmegen, Utrecht and Ede or Groninger Forum. Particularly for the last two projects BIM was used intensively, so that one literally worked together in one BIM model.

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