Cost control is essential for the successful completion of a project. Projects start with aims. By coordinating these aims with the budget we wish to prevent unnecessary consultancy costs and time wasted. As we have all the disciplines needed in house at ABT, we are able to provide a reliable picture of the costs at the earliest stage. The expectations can as a result be harmonised with the budgets available. We are consequently able to provide complete guidance, control and consultancy. We do this not only on the basis of the process, but also of our – bureau-wide – knowledge of technology.

Control of building costs 
In order to actually achieve the aims, use is made of a palette of options. This varies from effective and doable architecture to high quality construction techniques. And this is done within limiting conditions such as quality, time and organisation. Added to this is that location, surroundings and (market) conditions are always unique. Control of building costs thus demands vision, broad knowledge and experience, and a systematic approach.

An optimal result
It is of course our aim to complete projects within budget. This has to be done while retaining quality and progress, but also with a view to everyone's interests. However, it does not end there. We strive to extract the optimal from budgets by constantly re-examining whether solutions could be better. We consider the costs over the entire operating life. Investments that lead to lower costs in use are hereby made intelligible. We work in a risk-guided and systematic way from rough to fine. We make any market influences understandable separately, so that they continue to remain in the picture during the process and so that they can be optimally anticipated.

Feasible and doable solutions 
By working in an integrated way, our solutions are not only feasible but also doable. By collaborating with all those involved on the basis of a task-setting total budget (and so not from task-setting partial budgets for disciplines), integrated working is enhanced. Support by BIM is self-evident here. 

A versatile service package
We offer products and services in the area of advice on building costs and building cost management.

Our building costs advice focuses among other things on:
- budget estimates
- element estimates (building costs, investment costs, operating costs)
- LCC estimates
- SSK estimates (deterministic or probabilistic)
- management budgets
- assessment of price quotations
- drawing up advice on permits
- assessment of change orders
- conducting negotiations on price
- multiannual maintenance budgets
- surface analyses in accordance with NEN2580
- costs / quality tests
- project and implementation schedules
- building logistics plans
- building operation calculations
- residual property value calculations

With building costs management we focus - along with the client - on determining the frameworks and the total management of the budget. A systematic approach that provides for budgeting, monitoring and supervision of a project. Through active participation and constant control, we give direction to the project definition and the detailing of the schedule, and we provide support during price and contract formation and implementation. Apart from providing insight into the building costs, we draw up clear overviews and provide understanding of how the building costs develop.

In addition, our knowledge is often put to work at the beginning of a project to determine whether it is in fact feasible: quick scans, feasibility studies, second opinions. In addition, we regularly act as independent specialist on pricing and conceptual studies and in dealing with fees for permits.

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