Advice on floors

A floor is often seen as simply a sheet of concrete on a foundation structure. However, in many cases the floor is the most important part of the operation. Providing advice on company floors has for years been an important specialism at ABT, in which a lot of developments are still underway. We focus primarily on taking strength, functionality and sustainability to a higher level. We look for a high quality, efficient custom-made solution in all situations. Whether an extremely heavily loaded hybrid floor in a warehouse is involved, a cold store floor or an extremely thin floor in accordance with the new ABT lean concept. With all floors we make use of the joint-less floor concept, developed by ABT. Floors without expansion joints with high durability and ease of use. Designed with a vision and constructed under strict quality requirements.

Hybrid reinforced concrete
By using new materials among other things, we continue to gain new knowledge and experience. By this means, the design of floors is constantly being taken to a higher level. Over recent years for example, a great deal of research has gone into the use of steel fibres in concrete floors. Nothing new in itself, but the combination of steel fibre reinforcing and traditional reinforcing certainly is new. We bundle the advantages of steel fibres and traditional reinforcing in this hybrid reinforced concrete .

ABT lean concept
The ABT lean design arose from research into hybrid reinforced concrete. Using this we can achieve even thinner floors that are calculated to the limit of the technology. These extremely slim joint-free floors with thickened edges have to be placed on steel foundations. A suitable base is of great importance. As considerable savings are made in the quantity of concrete, these floors are extremely sustainable and there is a considerable cost advantage.

Apart from the conventional calculating techniques, we have the knowledge in-house to put high quality calculating techniques like DIANA to use. With DIANA the actual behaviour of a floor can be modeled. Using this we can optimise the floor even further or analyse damage that has occurred.

Damage investigation and renovation
Apart from designing floors, ABT is frequently asked to carry out an investigation into existing damaged floors. Not only into cracking, but for instance also into the floor curling up, thermal stresses or maximum allowable loading. In addition, ABT has decades of experience in floor renovation and the expertise to provide a solution independent of material and construction.

Underwater concrete floors
As consultant for underground construction, ABT represents pioneering design. The idea that underwater concrete floors, primarily shallow construction pits, can be thinner has been supported in the research that Ruud Arkesteijn conducted when completing his studies at the TU Delft. The CUR recommendation 77 was revised on this basis.

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