Urban Layers: Towards an Integrated Urban Analysis and Design
04 augustus 2021
INSide - 2020-2021 #2 - Lorenzo Lignarolo

While space in cities is becoming a scarce resource, the importance of the quality of the physical urban environment is more and more evident. Vibrant and inclusive districts have been associated with higher quality of living and innovation potential. Districts that promote outdoor activities with good outdoor comfort, air quality and green spaces can boost the health and productivity of the inhabitants. Areas where special attention is given to an efficient use of energy and water and to a reduction of urban heat island effect are proven to be more resilient and future-proof. However, given the extreme complexity of the urban system and its metabolism, all the above mentioned aspects are intertwined with each other, therefore an integrated approach is required. In order to be able to put this integrated approach into practice, the Urban Layers tool was created, says Lorenzo Lignarolo, Building Physics specialist at ABT.

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