Downflow ventilation system ensures healthy and safe air in elevator cabins
25 juni 2021
REHVA Journal - June, 2021 - Ad van der Aa, Richard Claessen and Willem van der Spoel (ABT) and Peter van der Velde (Interland Techniek/Inatherm)

The safe and unrestricted use of spaces in buildings has suddenly been compromised due to the transmission risks of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. By following guidelines such as avoiding crowded rooms, maintaining a 1.5 m distance, cleaning hands, increasing the amount of ventilation and opening windows, the risk of transmission is minimized. 

However, in some building areas these guidelines cannot be easily followed, such as in elevator cabins where maintaining distance will considerably affect the transportation capacity. At the same time cabin ventilation is usually limited. The development of a new unidirectional downflow ventilation system, called Eleminair, offers a solution to this problem.

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