13 maart 2015

Submarine shed festively opened

The submarine shed on the RDM Campus was festively opened on Thursday 12 March. Together with the client, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, ABT had determined the ambition and the approach. ABT was responsible for the technical coordination and execution of the renovation. The shed has been transformed into an event hall. The hall will be used for events for up to 5000 people.

It is possible to subdivide the hall, to accommodate events for smaller groups. With this submarine shed, the Port of Rotterdam Authority wants to promote culture as well as innovations regarding trade & industry and technological education.

During the transformation of the building, the original rough nature of the shed was kept intact as much as possible. The technical condition of the building was upgraded with respect for its character. The façade was renovated and the new openings in it provide a wonderful view of the port of Rotterdam. The new intelligent floor enables the creation of podiums, bars, and exhibition booths in various places in the hall. Minimum adaptations, maximum results. 

For more information about RDM Campus, visit the website.  

Afbeelding: RDM_onderzeebootloods_opening_havengebied_Rotterdam_nieuws_ABT
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