23 mei 2017

Park Groot Vijversburg officially opened

On 13 May Park Groot Vijversburg in Tytsjerk, the Netherlands, was officially opened for the public. The Dutch architectural agency Studio MAKS and the Japanese architectural firm junya.ishigama + associates came with a radical concept, which required trust from the client: the 'Op Toutenburg' foundation. ABT contributed to the project by giving integral advice, right from the start.

Constructive function of glass
Park Groot Vijversburg is a 19th-century courtyard. The historic country house has been restored and the park has doubled in surface. Next to the country house, a pavilion for visitors is situated. The map of the visitor centre is a triangular central hall whose points are extended to long narrow corridors. From the beginning, it was clear that it had to be a minimalist building with lots of glass. Visible construction elements, such as columns, were not desired. ABT suggested that the glass would have a constructive function. Particular attention has been paid to safety. The glass is made in multiple layers to also maintain breakage capacity.

Do you want to know more about this project? Check out the project page or read the publication 'Visitor Centre 'Park Groot Vijversburg'. 

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