24 mei 2017

Gold for Amsterdam Court PPP during the Partnerships Awards

The Partnerships Awards is the largest event recognising and rewarding the best in Public Private Partnership (PPP). Open to projects and companies around the globe, the annual event welcomes over 700 people to celebrate the industry’s achievements over the past year. This year’s event attracted over 100 entries from the leading organisations and projects across Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia and Asia. The Amsterdam Court PPP won Gold in the category ‘Best Social Infrastructure Project’.

Amsterdam court project
Signed in May 2016, the €235m Amsterdam court project is the first PPP in the Netherlands which was won by a consortium that ran the main part of the dialogue phase without a contractor. This resulted in an architectural design based on the exact requirements from the client rather than a construction/experience based solution. It is also the first Dutch accommodation PPP being short and long-term financed by a hybrid fixed/floating solution. This combines two traditional short-term floating bank lenders with a swap during construction; a traditional fixed-rate bank lender for the operational take-out of the short-term facilities; and an  institutional fixed rate investor during construction and operation.

Unique in the Netherlands
This combination of facilities is unique in the Netherlands and has never been seen before in Europe – it successfully delivered a robust and competitive financing solution. The unique financing structure will open doors to future hybrid funding solutions across the European PPP market. The various firsts for this project, together with the ability to  replicate these new approaches across the market, made this scheme stand out above the rest for the judges. They welcomed the willingness and ability of the NACH consortium (including ABT) to think outside the box and come up with different solutions that will help progress the PPP model.

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