09 februari 2016

Festive opening Hilton Amsterdam Airport Hotel

On Tuesday 9 February 2016 the Hilton Amsterdam Airport Hotel was officially opened. The newly build hotel comprises 433 hotel rooms, a restaurant, a spa, a fitness room, a conference centre and a ballroom for 600 people. ABT used a BIM-model to engineer the architecture, construction and geo-technic of the building. Architect Mecanoo was responsible for the eye-catching design.

Eight hundred people attended the official opening. Besides tours through the new building, the evening offered speeches of General Manager Jolijn Zeeuwen of Hilton Schiphol Amsterdam, COO Maarten de Groof of Schiphol Airport and Hilton-executive Simon Vincent. The inner courtyard of the hotel with a glass roof of 42 meters was lit for the occasion with light projections and filled with white balloons. The official opening was concluded with golden confetti and floating golden parachutes.

Positive Balance
Besides the development of the BIM-model, ABT was responsible for balancing the different parts of the building. Moreover, ABT-engineers consulted about the foundation and excavation of the building site. The calculated stability of the building was only achieved after the construction company Ballast Nedam Bouw & Ontwikkeling B.V. completed the building. A close cooperation of ABT and the contractor made this possible and in the end realised a positive balance in the construction. In addition, ABT also supervised the construction of the building.

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