06 februari 2015

CO-RTU designs new tram depot in Nieuwegein

Regiotram Utrecht has granted the design for the new tram depot Nieuwe Tram Remise in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, to the joint venture CO-RTU. In this joint venture, ABT is responsible for the construction and will also make an important contribution to the BIM model. The new tram depot is expected to be completed in July 2017.

Regiotram Utrecht is currently storing its trams in the old depot in Nieuwegein. With the arrival of the Uithoflijn, its fleet will be expanded. As a result, the current depot will no longer suffice. In addition, the current buildings have reached the end of their economic and technical life spans. That is why a renewed and more spacious depot will be built, which will also be able to accommodate Regiotram Utrecht.

Joint venture CO-RTU

To ensure this project runs as efficiently as possible, we had to join forces. That is why a single integral design team was set up, named CO-RTU. This design team comprises architects and engineering firm KOWLight Rail Specialist Mott MacDonald, constructor ABT, cost expert BBN, building physics, acoustics and system consultants DWA , and landscape architect Bosch Slabbers.

ABT’s role

ABT is responsible for the construction of the new tram depot and also collaborates in the BIM model. The collaboration takes place according to the latest developments of SE and BIM and thereby forms one of the greatest fortes of CO-RTU. By simultaneously working on different levels of scale, the speed of design is raised. The 3D model gives real-time insight into the latest state of the design, avoiding the risk of miscommunication, loss of quality, and the risk of failure.

Afbeelding: Groepsfoto CO-RTU_ABT
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