30 augustus 2019

Changes in managing board of ABT

In good consultation between the board of Oosterhoff Group and Michiel Wentges, it has been decided that Michiel will lay down his duties as general manager of ABT. This will take effect from the first of October 2019. The motivation for this joint decision is a difference in the vision on the management of ABT and of the future developments.

Michiel has been working at Oosterhoff Group since 2015 in various positions. At the beginning of this year he was appointed general manager at ABT, alongside technical director Rudi Roijakkers. After October 1. Michiel Wentges' duties will be taken over internally.

We thank Michiel for his dedication and commitment to ABT and express our appreciation for the pleasant cooperation.

For more information please contact Rudi Roijakkers.

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