02 mei 2017

ABT’s Virtual Reality experts at ‘Eindhoven LIVE Event’

On 1 June 2017, the 'Eindhoven LIVE Event' of Autodesk will take place at the Evoluon in Eindhoven. At this event, various BIM and VR experts are present to demonstrate how 3D models can be transformed into interactive visualisations that you can experience virtually. ABT's Chris van der Ploeg and Teun van Dooren illustrate the latest applications of Virtual Reality at ABT.

Opportunities of Virtual Reality
ABT has been exploring the opportunities of Virtual Reality (VR) since 2014. Recently, the ABT VR Labs have been opened link blog teun; physical rooms that offer the possibility to experience projects using VR technology. The labs are accessible to the design team, customers and end users. This makes VR an 'everyday' part of the engineering and design process at ABT.

Live parametric modeling
VR makes it possible to evaluate alternatives in VR, allowing to incorporate visual consequences and aesthetical quality into design decisions. Integration with other computational design solutions – like parametric modelling – provide tools that allow almost real-time design variation in the virtual reality environment.

Going to the Eindhoven LIVE Event?
Do you want to go to the Eindhoven LIVE Event? Check out the Autodesk website. Do you want to learn more about Virtual Reality at ABT first? Then keep on reading about VR!

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