27 februari 2018

ABT's Computational Solutions team presents during various events

ABT will be attending various events in the near future:

- Digitales Planen Und BauenComputational Design in Engineering: Three key drivers for effectively applying computational design in the building industry – Darmstadt (ABT and IBD) – 6 March

- Stumico event – BIM development at ABT: At the Stumico event about BIM labs in the Netherlands, ABT talks about the ambitions, setbacks and successes of 10 years of BIM development – 8 March

- Vnconstructeurs event – Round table discussion Parametric Design: Parametric design and optimisation: consciously choosing variation – 13 March

- BimpraktijkdagDigital solutions for Naturalis Biodiversity Center: On the basis of the design for the new building of museum Naturalis, various new digital design solutions are presented – 24 May

- AULondonThe virtual mockup: Parametric design and optimisation of complex façade panels in virtual reality – London – 19-20 June

ABT's Computational Solutions team will contribute to all these events in the form of a presentation. Do you want to check out any of the presentations? Register by using the above links to the events. We hope to see you soon!

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