ABT received European patent for ultra-slim hybrid stair connection
08 februari 2021

Changes in managing board of ABT

Velp, 5 February 2021 - Engineering firm ABT has received a patent at the European level for a staircase connection made of concrete and glass. This is applied in a strong, hybrid construction which is ultra-slim. The staircase at ABT's headquarters in Velp was developed in 2016 in collaboration with Romein Beton, Si-X and Thiele Glas. It was designed by JHK Architects.

The concrete steps of the staircase are only about five centimetres thick, while the staircase spans nearly six metres without any supporting ribs. The glass balustrades, invisibly connected to the stairs, enhance the illusion of weightlessness. Together, concrete and glass create a strong, hybrid structure. The staircase demanded the utmost of ABT's applied materials and craftsmanship. The revolutionary design is a demonstration of the possibilities of the versatile UHPC and glass as a structural load-bearing material.

Bold idea

Kars Haarhuis, structural consultant who was part of the development team: "The staircase is the result of our belief in something that seemed impossible. It started as a bold idea. With the expertise of colleagues and partners Si-X and Thiele Glas, we managed to realise the structure and the staircase connection in the best possible way. The structural concept, manufacturability and visual simplicity appeals to architects, structural engineers and material specialists within the country and abroad".

One of a kind

ABT won the ‘Betonprijs’ (Dutch National Concrete Award) in 2017 for this innovation and already obtained a Dutch patent for it. Haarhuis: "This European patent is really the crowning achievement of this project. This invisible connection between glass and concrete is one of a kind and unique in the world. With this obtained patent we now know that for sure".

Photo header: Marcel van der Burg

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