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Walter Spangenberg

Advanced technology has always been my passion. Yet my interests go beyond construction. Integrated designs and well-structured design processes are needed to enable ambitious assignments. My experience has come in handy with many complex projects in order to smooth project processes.

I am well able to combine my passion for structural design with my role as general manager. For instance, as a structural consultant, I was responsible for a number of projects, such as the renovation of the Anne Frank Museum, EYE Film Institute, the new Hilton Amsterdam Airport Hotel, the National Military Museum, the Municipal Office and train station hall in Delft and the Groninger Forum. 

After my Civil Engineering studies at Delft University of Technology, where I graduated thanks to the founding father of ABT, prof. Jaap Oosterhoff, I started in 1986 as a project leader / constructor at ABT. Seven years later, I was appointed senior consultant and after leading the construction group, I have, for a number of years, occupied the role of general manager (now together with Gerard Doos). Next to my position as a director, I continue to be involved in projects as a senior consultant. I see plenty of challenges for the future: ‘Enabling projects by means of spectacular technology, supported by processes in an optimum manner’.

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