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Tom Huizer

Even during my studies of building technology at Delft University of Technology, I was looking for the makeability of architecture. How can we convert a beautiful picture into a sound structure? At the moment I started my internship, the Consultancy Group Architecture had been started up in Delft. The content appeared to seamlessly match my studies, which is how I ended up with ABT.

My main drive is to interpret an attractive architectonic design into a well-integrated and makeable building. BIM enables the ‘building’ of a structure on the computer, before the actual building is started upon. It is always a highly satisfying experience to take a walk through ‘your’ building when it is delivered and experience the final result.

During the making of a BIM, it is important to get a clear picture of the end result and what it will be used for. As a BIM manager, I am able to interview the client regarding his objectives, and indicate whether BIM may be able to fulfil the expectations and requirements. My technological knowledge allows me to set up the right design team and have them collaborate within a BIM environment.

I started as an intern when the Consultancy Group Architecture was set up in Delft, in 1998. Via the positions of draughtsman and project leader architecture, I have become structural designer specialising in BIM. Today, I operate as a BIM manager, structural designer, and project coordinator. It’s this variation of technology, modelling and process what gives me energy!

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