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Thomas Wever
I joined ABT right from university. I was attracted to the fact that ABT is a multidisciplinary agency, which gives me the opportunity to learn about other disciplines as well. From my education I already knew many high-profile projects of ABT, it is a great opportunity to participate in these projects now.
From an early age I have had a fascination for stadiums. This interest can be extended to large, spectacular buildings in which the structure is a determining element. At ABT, however, I have also enjoyed doing renovation projects, which sometimes involve puzzling on the square millimeter. I am broadly oriented in my work and love the new challenge that every project, every building, offers.
I have an eye for the relationship with clients, colleagues and partners in a team, I am always working on what language I need to speak in order to give them clear advice. In addition, I always try to empathize with the people I work with: what are their motivations and interests? And how can I optimally fulfil this? I have analytical skills and will not rest until I have unraveled and solved a problem.
From 2009 I have been working at ABT. The fact that I have never had another employer says a lot about how much I enjoy working for this organization. The diversity of projects and people within ABT fits perfectly with my broad interest and I simply can't get tired of this. In addition, I have been given the opportunity to contribute to the project organization that ABT is now, from a human and cultural perspective. That has definitely been an enrichment of my work.
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