Theo van Wolfswinkel

My heart beats for special, uncommon projects. When things haven’t been done before. That’s when I feel especially driven. And from this creativity, I want to motivate colleagues. I gain satisfaction from combining technology and different interests to achieve feasible and makeable solutions.

At the same time, I focus on human interaction. Because I know that new forms of collaboration will lead to better results. In the disciplines within which I operate, this may involve the combination of technology and perception to realise concrete architecture. When existing buildings are renovated, we often have to handle unexpected issues. Collaboration and social relevance are the key words in my job.

From my technological background, I am able to give in-depth advice based on my specialism: fair-faced prefab concrete. I also like to broaden my views and I feel at ease dealing with complex situations.

Next to my work at ABT, I am involved with the Dutch concrete association Betonvereniging as an instructor. I am also a member of the professional committee for concrete technology within this association.

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