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Teun van Dooren

I have a fascination for the material glass. This fascination really connects me to ABT. My interest for glass started during my graduation at the TU/e, researching a transparent constructive glass-glass compound for free-form glass structures.

In addition to the material glass, I have a wide interest in all aspects of construction. I work with enthusiasm to make constructive engineering solutions within the framework of the client. I like to be the link between different parties within design teams. Cooperation and flexibility are essential in order to achieve a successful end result.

The role of BIM in the construction process, and my interest in BIM has been strongly developed during my time at ABT. However, without losing sight of the fact that construction technology has to be leading in this. Every day I develop myself at ABT in both architectural, organisational and integral fields, and I am convinced that this will lead to many beautiful challenging projects.

During my studies I have been able to learn a lot as a working student in the facade industry for 1.5 years. Immediately after my study at TU/e I joined ABT. The integral character within ABT really speaks to me. There is so much knowledge available – within walking distance! Isn’t that great?

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