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Sander Dorleijn

ABT is a knowledge-intensive, multidisciplinary, technical consultancy organisation in which emphasis is placed on integrated cooperation. To do that well, knowledge, experience, skills and attitudes are essential. In other words, a large human component. At ABT, the people and their cooperation count, which is possible due to the size of ABT. Because I very much appreciate the integration of knowledge through motivation, ABT is a suitable employer as far as I am concerned.

I find it interesting to integrate knowledge and make it understandable to the client. My interest also lies in working on projects together in a targeted way so that the outcome meets the expectations of the client. This can only be achieved if each team member has the same focus and commitment. Making sure that happens is my passion!

As an ABT employee, I offer the client trust, transparency and answers to their questions. I include the high-quality advice of ABT in those answers and ensure a suitable connection to the ambitions.

Following studies in constructive design and business administration, I started working for ABT as design manager / design leader. After initially focusing on new build projects, I worked for a period of four years with the existing stock. I am currently responsible for integrated projects. Internally I am a member of the Civil Engineering management team and a member of the Integrated Steering Committee. Finally, I have various functions in external networks, such as board member of the National Renovation Platform.

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