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Ruud Arkesteijn

As a driven and idealistic engineer with a passion for geotechnical, practical and project-based work, I look for challenges in complex constructions and innovations. In my view, a good design process focuses on an optimum balance in engineerability, risks, costs and sustainability.

At ABT, I see myself as the link between constructor, client and contractor, whereby a good foundation literally and figuratively forms the basis. In this role, I particularly focus on the integrated design of subterranean constructions, such as underground car parks. Cooperation is the key.

From my graduation and committee work, I have developed a specialism in the field of underwater concrete. This includes both unreinforced and steel fibre reinforced flooring with a temporary or definite function. Since my graduation, I have worked on beautiful, complex projects with, for example, pole-plate foundations, environment monitoring, (round) building pits, disaster drainage and various cost optimisations.

Based on my MSc thesis “Sizing of underwater concrete floors - verification, application and optimisation of CUR Recommendation 77”, I received the Schreuder study prize in 2012. Citation of the jury of the Schreuder study prize: “The solid, in-depth treatment of CUR77 is an added value for practice”. In 2013, I was nominated, also based on my MSc thesis, for the Keverling Buisman prize as ‘Young Talent’.

Besides my work at ABT, I am also connected as a teacher to the Concrete Society for the courses ‘Underwater concrete floors’ and ‘Building pits and cellars’.

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