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Rob Nijsse

It gives me great pleasure when a building is finished and people are enthusiastic about the product delivered by the design and building team. I get my energy from being able to contribute to the complicated process from creative idea to realised product by deploying my ideas and calculations.

It is important to me to enter every meeting with an open, positive attitude. My vision is not to operate on the basis of the superior position of an expert, but to promise to look into every special idea that is presented and study it with an open mind. By mobilising all knowledge and experience that is present throughout ABT, I have found that even things previously considered impossible can be made possible.

It has long been my ambition as an engineer with a talent for technology to work closely together with architects and clients to create structural designs that lead to beautiful structures. And at ABT, this has always been the starting point. That is why, in 1979, a started as a constructor with ABT. Back then, I worked as a project leader for minor works. In 1985, I became project leader for larger works and was given the responsibility for structural design as well. In 1991, I was appointed consulting engineer, a position which is today called senior consultant. Since 1997, I have been director of structures at ABT, while continuing my work as a structural designer. In 2007, I became part-time professor at Delft University of Technology and was given the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and experience to a new generation.

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