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Ritchie Vink

In my work, one thing is always on the foreground: I really want to understand how something works and I’m always looking for a challenge. ABT gives me these challenges. As soon as I think I know enough about a particular subject, I want to dive in the next challenge. Because of my interest in discovering new things constantly, I find repetition in my work less interesting. But because of my great interest in programming and machine learning, I have been able to turn repetitive work into a challenging job.

By scripting work, I've seen more and more opportunities in the combination of computers and technology, and I've learned to make some repetitive actions more efficiently. At the moment, I am working on software to reduce the work of making final element calculations in DIANA. This includes the generation of models, post processing large amounts of data and the dimensioning of models based on machine learning. ABT engineers various types of constructions. The repeating assignments allow optimisation to be brought to an ever higher level. For example, I’m optimising processes in the field of wind power and company floors.

During my second-year internship in 2012, I continued working at ABT (part-time). After completing my studies, I started working full-time with ABT. During the first three years I mainly worked on strengthening constructions through CFRP. Since 2016 I'm working as DIANA FEM Modeller / BIM Developer.

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