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Niki Loonen

Soon after concluding my studies at a University of Applied Sciences, I entered into employment with ABT. I was captivated by their attractive projects with interesting technological aspects.

As a civil-engineering technician, I could never choose between concrete and soil. Fortunately, I never had to make this choice. On the contrary, it is the interaction between the two materials that appeals to me. My career with ABT is characterised by the search for innovative solutions for foundations, basements, and floor & wall constructions. These innovations are aimed at the fast, economic and high-quality realisation of structures for which I am a consultant.

In addition, I really enjoy collaborating with all stakeholders in order to apply these innovations in an optimum way. Not only for developers, contractors and end-users, but also - increasingly - regarding integrally advised ABT projects.

I have been employed by ABT since 1999. I started as a quality surveyor. Subsequently, I became specialist commercial floors and geotechnics, after which I was appointed project leader. Today, I occupy the position of consultant, while also managing the consultancy group of civil engineering.

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