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Niek Kunnen

After having been involved in a number of interesting projects together with ABT, I was given the opportunity to practise my profession at ABT. What especially inspired me to take on this job was the possibility to look beyond my own discipline and collaborate with colleagues outside of my own field. I was then given the space to show my abilities in new projects.

My passion is to analyse the question and come up with multiple solutions, allowing me to actually present designs to the client or team. I can apply all my creativity using pens or spreadsheets. Creating new insights is what makes this job so enjoyable.

Coming up with timely, and well-substantiated answers to a question. Clients need to feel that we believe in what we are doing. Therefore, we need to be convinced that the proposal or design we come up with is actually the best one possible. If this is not possible, we will provide them with an alternative. Customers expect ABT to be critical at all times, and rightly so.

I have been employed by different firms in the system consultancy world since 1986. Since 2000, I have been employed by ABT as a senior consultant. I focus on the integration of building physics & systems with other disciplines.

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