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Michaël Menting

With technology and innovation as the main spearheads, ABT appeals to me very much. My passion for the profession stems from the desire to work on the world and leave something beautiful behind. I want to try to advance technology even further, so that we can build faster, better and more beautiful things in the future.

My added value lies in rapid consultation, particularly in the final phase of a building process. I am also an innovator in the applications of fibre and hybrid reinforced concrete and in VHPC (Very High Performance Concrete) and UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete). Applying innovations saves a significant amount of costs and construction time, for example, on things such as basement constructions, bulk warehouses and TPG flooring.

I have been working for ABT since 2008. Previously I worked for a contractor. In my first year at ABT I worked as a draftsman, quality inspector and constructor. After the first year I implemented projects independently as a project leader. My current activities mainly include the acquisition of new projects.


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