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Matthijs van der Hulst

ABT provides high-level interdisciplinary consultancy services. Working in an environment with specialists from all fields suits my ambition. Working for a versatile consultancy firm is what drives me to make unconventional structures with a wide scope. This is reflected, for example, in the Groninger Forum, Centre for Life Sciences Groningen.

My specialisation as a structural designer is expressed in the following title achieved in 2001: Professional Master of Structural Engineering, which was awarded the 2nd prize Building with Steel: Student prize 2011, university category.

Open communication and fulfilling agreements are, in my opinion, the basis for successful cooperation.

With 12.5 years' experience, I am currently working as a constructor at ABT. I use the experience that I have gained in the designing of glass, steel and concrete structures, complex damage analyses, complex EEM models and the drawing up of contract documents.

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