Matthijs Gerds

Translating a design into a building, that’s what interests me. How do you make sure that the contractor can implement the architect's intentions? And how do you realise a design into something workable? How do you create the best solution together? These are the main questions that I'm working on at ABT.

I like to be the interface between the different disciplines in construction. Working integrally and involving different disciplines, is my real passion. With my background in both architecture and architectural engineering, I can add value to the design process. Where a techy focuses on the technical aspects, I move into a double role. From the point of view of both the architect and the building engineer, I look at a design to find the best solution.

These qualities come in handy during various projects but also during the development of the ABT Independent Design Check. In the Design Check, the customer's questions are rarely the same. Each time, it’s a challenge to formulate a clear question and then think about how it can be answered. Which specialists can make a contribution and how can we make the most of this project? The purpose is to realise a clear report for the customer that offers real added value.

I graduated from the Polytechnic in 2010, in the field of building engineering. Then I studied architecture at TU Eindhoven. During my studies, I started a company with two fellow students in the field of architectural engineering and building installations. After my study, I worked intensively for our company for one year. After that, I made the transition to ABT. I came into contact with ABT after a training in entrepreneurship (‘Bouwlokaal’) for spatial designers. I got the chance to work on my first assignment for ABT. The click was there, and still is after two years.

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