Matteo Santangelo

After completing my master studies in building technology at TU Delft I found two particularly captivating job opportunities, equally interesting even though in very different ways: one was specifically focused on façade design and production whilst the other one, ABT, granted me the rare possibility to work on a virtually unlimited range of groundbreaking projects and disciplines from which I could still explore different topics and later choose where to specialize. ABT was an easy choice in the end.

My personal fascination is the implementation of prefabrication in architecture, a subject that I explored in depth during my graduation. Another fascination of mine is façade design, a topic that ABT is allowing me to explore daily and learn a lot about. Finally, I have a deep interest for all technical/practical sides of construction and on-site related processes.

Curiosity is my main drive, pushing me to always learn more and explore unknown fields. University studies along with on-field work experiences are the main influences in the way I think and design, always with special attention to practical aspects such as ease of assembly, durability, transportation issues, costs and so on. My knowledge in softwares is quite extensive and diverse since I have always been interested in graphic design, video making and post producing, 3d modelling and lately virtual reality, too.

Early studies in technical surveying high school in Italy contributed to the choice of Architecture and building production in Politecnico di Milano. Since the age of 15 I was employed during the summer period as apprentice bricklayer, which was where I got deeply interested in on-site related aspects of the building industry. Between 2012-2015 I obtained my bachelor degree in architecture and building production with a final mark of 110/110. While graduating, I felt the need to carry out my studies elsewhere and applied at TU Delft, where I got my Master’s degree in Building Technology Cum Laude in November 2017. I work at ABT since June, 2018.

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