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Maria Sara Di Maggio
The Netherlands has a good reputation worldwide for environmental consciousness, advanced technology and generally a sustainable mindset in the construction field. Drawn by this and by the idea of working in a multidisciplinary environment, which allows knowledge exchange within different disciplines, I found ABT which fully embraces those aspects. I then chose to fly here and meet the team.
Designing human centred spaces is a subject that always been at the core of my passions. With the years I developed a major interest in working not only on beautiful, functional and structurally safe buildings, but also climatically comfortable and optimized from the installations point of view. Demand for lighting, heating, cooling and water comes from the usage patterns of the buildings, but also largely by the envelope and the systems design. Optimizing these flows by looking at the specifics of each site, is what I find the most engaging and satisfying challenge, with the aim to accomplish buildings, which use as little energy as possible while offering thermal comfort and optimal daylight.
Through my experience as sustainability engineer around Europe, I have built up awareness of the challenges and the process with regard to integrated sustainable design on various scales. My competencies range from thermal comfort, daylight and energy simulations to the scale of sustainable certifications like LEED and WELL standards. My transversal experience of the technical aspects and use of simulations tools such IES-VE, coupled with comfort and wellbeing schemes provide me the instruments to interpret projects briefs and develop creative solutions.
My interests for energy efficiency and sustainable design started back at the University of Palermo, where I chose as dissertation topic the development of a novel glassblock integrated with organic solar cells, by collaborating with a spin off start-up called SB skin. This experience led me to learn and nurture a passion for sustainability. As result, I have embarked on a master program on Sustainable building engineering at the University of Greenwich, London. I graduated in 2015 with Distinction and since then I have worked as Building physics researcher with the University and then started my carrier as Sustainability engineer with an Oxford based sustainable design company. I now live and work in the Netherlands since 2019.
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