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Marco van der Ploeg

Turning an ambitious idea into reality – that is what challenges me. I’m able to do this from a broad technical and architectural background, in the role of design manager. In order to get better solutions and to make the client's ambitions reality, I try to connect as many different disciplines as possible. In an innovative way, opportunities are sought to improve the project. Both in the field of technology as in the process area.

This innovation begins by making the entire project team aware of the customer's interests. The team will then jointly seek the most appropriate integral response to the customer demand. Team members are made aware of the consequences of their proposals for the entire project. In this way, the creativity of the entire team is deployed with often surprisingly smart solutions as a result. In this kind of project teams, ‘coordination’ really means ‘working together’.

In this perspective, the high-quality application of BIM as a tool fits for the design, realisation and management of buildings. Within ABT, I am responsible for the development and implementation of BIM. An example of a project where all these aspects have come together, is the Groninger Forum. A project in which intensive collaboration in the team has apparently solved unsolvable design issues. The key to this project was the extensive use of BIM in the design, execution and management phase.

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