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Maarten Huisman

Because of my interest in technique and processes, I have had the opportunity to perform a central role as an integral construction manager at ABT in a number of major construction processes. This enabled me to accomplish my ambition to work at an organisation that belongs to the top of the market in both technology and processes.

My passion is coordinating, testing and directing complicated work processes: from preliminary design to aftercare. The customer must always be central during this process. Since I represent the client as a construction manager, it is important to understand the customer and his motives. My motto is: do not just think of the customer, but think like the customer.

In my role as construction manager, it is important to me to create a good cooperation between the parties during all phases of a project – to connect people. Building is something you do together, each from his own role. In that, for me, my open and honest attitude with respect for people is crucial.

After my studies, I had different positions as a constructor and as an office manager. In 2007, I joined ABT as a construction manager. Since then I have grown to a senior position. From 2012 on, I’m also MT member of the advisory group building management.

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