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Lorenzo Lignarolo
I am an energy engineer with more than 10 years of work experience in the field of sustainability, building physics and urban comfort. I have a strong passion for architecture, urbanism and science. I joined ABT in 2018 and since 2019 I am involved in the development of the Oosterhoff Group Innovation Centre (Oosterhoff Group is the holding company of ABT) and in its ABT counterpart, the Urban Engineering group. In my team, we develop knowledge and tools to support the design of healthier and successful cities. My ambition is to help our clients turn the urban environment (and its buildings) into a more sustainable and pleasant living environment, while optimizing the use of natural and economic resources.
At urban scale, my interest lays in the assessment of urban microclimate (wind hinder, urban heat island and heat stress) and in the design and optimization of integrated energy systems and energy grids (heat and cold grids, district heating, smart grids). At building scale, I have experience in the design of installations and building energy systems. I am specialized in advanced simulations for the built environment, such as CFD and building energy simulations (IES). I love working with architects and urban designers from the conceptual stage of the project, helping them to elegantly integrate smart and sustainable solutions in the their design.
I spent the first half of my career in academia, carrying on research in the field of environmental flows, specifically wind, and obtained a PhD in wind energy.
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