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Lorenzo Cocchi

ABT is a multidisciplinary company. As an architect, I found the possibility to fulfill my curiosity and to directly co-operate with different kinds of professionals at ABT, all having crucial roles within the design process.

I am highly interested in sustainability applied to the built environment, processes of construction as well as architectural details. Buildings and cities don’t only have a tangible dimension for me. They reflect the ideas, wishes and ambitions of both final users and professionals behind their realization.

During my final graduation project, I developed a passion for vernacular habitats. I was fascinated by the sense of deep truth and honesty that spontaneous “architecture-without-architects” emanates and at the same time by the almost-accidental holistic approach that it embodies, especially in terms of sustainability.

I aim to be a fair professional and colleague, used to co-operate actively with the working team. I always like to be organized, methodical and able to understand all the forces that play a role in the project – in order to find specific creative solutions. After several months at ABT I acquired a good knowledge on BIM and I can be helpful in several steps through the design development process.

I studied environmental architecture in Italy, at Politecnico di Milano – and then in the Netherlands, where I graduated cum laude in Architecture at TU Delft in February 2018. Parallel with my studies, I had the chance to have several professional experiences in the field, such as internships in architecture offices (one in Italy and one in the Netherlands) and an academic experience as teaching assistant at TU Delft. I was also part of the team that won the competition for the design and realization of the “Piazzetta Piacenza” pavilion at Expo Milano 2015. This last-mentioned experience is probably the one that made me discover my fascination for the practical / technical side of the architecture discipline and this therefore lead me to ABT.

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