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Lisette Rueb

It’s great to work with so many people who have a passion for their profession, for technology. People that want to progress, think out-of-the-box and innovate continuously. This gives me a lot of energy and makes me enjoy working at ABT a lot.

As a design manager, my strength lies in listening to the client – to the actual question behind the assignment and then to ensure the correct and complete answer. For this, I use the inexhaustible knowledge of my many colleagues who know – or can calculate – the answer to the most difficult questions. Within ABT, I know the right people for each question. With my critical attitude and architectural background, I steer towards working integrally and achieving the desired level for a project.

These qualities come in handy during various projects but also during the development of the ABT Independent Design Check. In the Design Check, the customer's questions are rarely the same. Each time, it’s a challenge to formulate a clear question and then think about how it can be answered. Which specialists can make a contribution and how can we make the most of this project? The purpose is to realise a clear report for the customer that offers real added value.

In 2007, after my Architecture studies at TU Delft, I graduated as an urban planner. After that, I worked at a design agency for a long time, where integral thinking and collaboration was a common good. During this time, I gained a lot of experience in coordinating and organising various projects, both in The Netherlands and abroad. Since 2015, I have been working with ABT as a design manager.

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