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In my work, I like to be challenged. At ABT I get the opportunity to play a coordinating role in the field of Advanced Simulation. The combination of technology and working with people makes working at ABT challenging for me and gives me the opportunity to further develop myself in both areas.
I am fascinated by the ability to accurately approach complex mechanical and or physical behaviour with the help of computational techniques such as FEA and CFD. This requires, on the one hand, insight into the software and, on the other hand, an understanding of the mechanics and physics behind it. I find it important to be able to explain the results of complex simulations and to be able to make these transparent for the customer. By using high quality simulations ABT is able to be innovative, sustainable and more efficient. Despite my fascination for FEA and CFD, I am aware of the pitfalls of these kind of simulations. That is why I pay a lot of attention to validation of results and to quality control and project organisation of projects in which Advanced Simulation plays an important role. In addition, I try to keep track of the latest developments in the field of FEA and am constantly looking for new opportunities in the field of Advanced Simulation, with which ABT can be of added value for its clients.
I have been employed by ABT since 2016. Previously I worked for three years at Iv-Consult as a structural engineer of steel structures and specialist FEA. I studied structural engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. In 2008, I graduated in analytical research into the dynamic response of high-rise structures to blast loading. Afterwards I got the opportunity to do doctoral research on post-tensioned shear walls of calcium silicate element masonry, a combination of experimental research and numerical research. In 2013 I received my doctoral degree for this work.
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