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Kars Haarhuis

As a structural designer, I am always searching for innovation and inventive solutions. To get the best result I search out of the box for the question behind the question. What makes the structure a success? A small technical achievement can make a building stand out technically and/or financially.

In my view, technical innovation also requires good communication. I enjoy making the translation to a clear presentation of technical concepts. Clear sketches that make the technology understandable to others. As a result, I am often able to come up with new ideas.

At ABT I work frequently with glass structures, such as glass stairs, glass floors and even glass Ferris wheel cabins. The best thing about it is that theory and practice come together here in a unique way, for example, by retrieving stability from glass so that steel reinforcements can be excluded. As a result, better use is made of the materials.

Glass as a material has fascinated me ever since my study at the TU Eindhoven. I graduated in 2010 with a maximum transparent glass shell roof. The roof consists almost entirely of glass, with the exception of the steel tension cables. The experimental model of the shell roof has a span of 5 metres and can still be viewed at the ABT office in Delft.

The constructive challenges with glass and also other materials are becoming increasingly greater. At ABT we are ready to take on the challenge. We always find an answer to any structural demand.

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