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Johan Galjaard

There are two aspects that make my profession as a constructional designer satisfying and enjoyable. They also characterise the culture and working methods of ABT.

First of all, there is the challenge to combine the often very high ambitions of client and architect and turn these into a feasible and cost-effective supporting structure. There is no standard recipe for this. When structures form an explicit part of the architecture, we will especially focus on the design, down to the smallest detail. In the case of complex questions, we will look for creative and innovative solutions, where desired. If not, we will opt for simplicity and standardisation. In short, every design represents its own challenge.

Secondly, enjoyment is provided by the knowledge that a design is produced by a team. It is this collaboration with architects and other consultants while developing optimum solutions that makes my job so wonderful. When all parties are inspired by each other, the most beautiful designs are created!

Since 1985, I have been involved in many building projects. First as a project leader / constructor, and later as a senior consultant. As a designer, I have broad experience in different types of constructionally challenging projects. I have designed a number of high-rise buildings, as well as soccer stadiums, subterranean buildings, and buildings with large spans. In a constructional way I have given structure to a few large-scale urban developments. In addition, I love jobs involving the renovation and reuse of monumental and historic properties.

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