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Jeroen Weijers

Integral design and total engineering have caught my attention during my studies. I also really enjoy these aspects in my job combined with the integral approach of ABT as a multidisciplinary consultancy.

Traditionally, the limitless possibilities of new construction are appreciated, but I prefer to find challenges in existing construction. That's my passion! The complexity of bringing an ambition and an existing building together really appeals to me. When exploring possibilities and solutions for these complex tasks, my knowledge of the building technology of facades and roofs come in handy. 

Within the knowledge group Building Envelope Engineering, I am responsible for developing and sharing knowledge concerning the engineering of the building envelope. Specialists from various disciplines are included in the group – to work together on innovative solutions.

The development of existing buildings is becoming increasingly important. The possibilities in the building envelope can be the decisive factor in an achievable business case. Thanks to my knowledge in both areas, I can contribute to unique solutions.

Immediately after my study Product Development within the Building Technology Department at TU Eindhoven, I joined ABT in 2010. In recent years I have carried out various projects. Such as building plan testing, making building physics calculations, construction engineering and reusing quickscans. But also accompanying the execution of repair work and technical damage investigations in the field of facades and roofs. In all projects I had the opportunity to add knowledge of other disciplines and specialists. That’s how we create integral solutions.

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