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Jeroen van Kuijk

I chose ABT as an employer because of the nice work environment and the beautiful challenging projects. In addition, ABT offers the possibility for broader development (for example sustainability and Dynamo). I have been with ABT for some time now and I am enjoying myself; I work on interesting projects and have great colleagues.

My passion is to make correctly built models with structure and data in the right place. I like to think of smart ways to do the work more efficiently – doing more with fewer clicks. What else makes me excited? The link between the 3D model and sustainability through the development of the Environmental Impact Monitor (MIM)! Thanks to this tool, the environmental impact of a design can be made more transparent.

In my eyes, Dynamo has increased the possibilities for Revit. The options are seemingly endless and offer many opportunities. I think it is very cool to bring fellow modellers into the world of modelling and Revit. I do this by sharing knowledge through projects and internal Revit consultations. But I also look beyond Revit. I am very eager to learn, curious and constantly looking for ways to deal with things differently (Dynamo).

My added value lies in my knowledge of modelling and the required software for that. I see possibilities to make things smarter and automated. In addition, I am creative in making smart connections. Not only in the structures specialism; I also have an eye for other disciplines, such as architecture.

After an architectural start of my career in 2000, I developed myself as a structural draftsman. Over the years I have gained a thorough and in-depth knowledge of 3D (BIM) modelling in Revit. I also find it important to identify structural technical problems and then to think both solution-oriented and customer-oriented.

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