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Ifigeneia Papathanasiou

AT ABT architects, mechanical and civil engineers work together (under the same roof) with an integral approach towards the solution of each project. Innovation and sustainability are core values for every decision in the design process. When looking for a job, I saw all the opportunities that could arise while working in such a multidisciplinary environment and I saw myself as a perfect fit with the company.

I have always been intrigued by understanding perception and experience of the built environment from the user's point of view. Finding the right balance between building physics concepts (thermal and visual comfort, daylight and acoustics) and energy efficiency is undoubtedly a hard task. Challenging projects that aim for healthy buildings with a critical view on how to preserve the environment have always fascinated me.

During the first steps of my career, working in multicultural environments in Italy, Brazil and Greece, I learned how to face questions and challenges from different perspectives while embracing different cultures and values. This experience helped me understand and overcome cultural barriers making me an asset to collaboration with international colleagues and clients. Moreover, I developed expertise in sustainability and energy efficiency concepts which I implement in my everyday work. 

After obtaining a diploma in Civil Engineering (five years program) from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece, my growing interest in Building Physics drove me to pursue a master degree at TU Delft, following the specialization of Building Physics and Technology. Right after, I had the opportunity to work in three different countries where I put my theoretical knowledge into practice. While working at ABT (since September 2017), I have participated in a variety of projects, from small to big scale, helping to meet or even exceed energy efficiency and sustainability ambitions set by current regulations or clients' needs.

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