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Gyuszi Florian

My project approach is based on our clients’ needs and wishes. I aim to deploy our expertise in an optimum way. No client is the same and, therefore, no question is the same, either. First, we have to make sure we understand one another, so I listen and communicate carefully.

It is very important to me to obtain a close relationship with each partner within the project team. We must be able to ask any question - no matter how critical or seemingly simple. By looking at each assignment together, with a fresh view on the matter, we are able to develop original, sound, and optimum solutions to each question.

Straight after my completion of the architectural studies in Delft, where I had already discovered my predilection for construction technology, I entered into employment with ABT. My objective was to gain technical experience for a couple of years and then look to see how I could advance my career elsewhere. It turned out that there was no need to look any further! The many opportunities offered by ABT enabled me to realise my ambitions within this firm. The wide diversity of clients and their various projects - combined with the inspiring, creative and innovative ABT environment - have led to several promotions, culminating in my current position as a senior consultant.

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