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Gert-Jan Rozemeijer

Using technology to help clients is my passion. Technology is not an aim in itself, but a powerful tool to fulfil the needs and dreams of our clients. I love talking to clients about their ideas and queries in order to arrive at the best solutions together.

From my love of buildings and interest in mathematics and physics, I studied civil engineering at the TU Delft. The combination of creativity and technology really appealed to me and it is still part of my everyday work.

I am analytically strong, I have a strong technical background and I am not afraid to explore new paths if the project requires this. I enjoy working in a team in which we can join forces. I am convinced that cooperation and an integrated approach not only lead to better solutions, it is also a lot more fun.

I have gained extensive experience at ABT in designing and managing large complicated and integrated projects. I also have specific technical knowledge of, for example, BIM, sustainability and explosion loads.

Starting as a constructor, and with over 10 years' experience as a project leader, I am currently a consultant at ABT. In addition, since 2012, I have fulfilled a role in managing the structures consultancy group.

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