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Gerard Doos

The special projects we work on at ABT, both large and small, provide fresh challenges to me every day! I obtain special fulfilment from the combination of technology, coaching of colleagues, and working together on meeting the client’s requirements. Thing is to correctly interpret the question the client is really asking...

My passion - which I have turned into a way of life - is to acquire large-scale orders and determine the strategy to turn these into successful projects, together with young, talented colleagues.

I have an entrepreneurial nature and need lots of freedom of action. ABT has given me this freedom during the past 25 years. In turn, I give people maximum freedom to develop as well, providing them with support where needed.

I started my career at ABT in 1988 as a constructor. In 1999, I obtained the position of senior consultant and in 2001, I was appointed director of the consultancy group Structures. Until 2012, I was also the general manager of ABT Belgium. As per 1 January 2013, I joined the executive board. Together with Rudi Roijakkers I direct the firm and the management of engineering firm ABT BV and Oosterhoff Group. Next to my position as a director, I continue to be involved in various projects as a senior consultant.

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